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There can be many reasons for downsizing; children have grown up and moved out (finally), bereavement, separation from your partner, or new adventures, think silver surfing gap years!


Whatever the reason, all of these things can be very emotional and may be very overwhelming. Imagine moving from your home of 35 years, a 5 bedroom family home to a one bedroom flat, it may be difficult to know where to start.

I will work with my clients with kindness and empathy to help them decide which items are to be treasured and taken to their new home and which can be re-homed to be treasured by a new owner or has simply come to the point where it needs to go.

On moving day, I can be there to organise and unpack, listening and understanding where you want things to be, make the beds, set up the TV, telephones and Wi-Fi.

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Moving Home


The added benefit of decluttering before you move, helps you to stage your home for selling so that people can envisage themselves living in your home.


I can arrange for handy person to complete all those little jobs that need doing before you sell to get the best price for your home.  With a little diplomacy, I will help you to see your home through the buyers eyes. I can coordinate quotes for removal companies, chase relevant parties such as estate agents, solicitors, contact utility companies, help you pack and unpack and organise your new home.

Having completely refurbished two of my own homes in the past, I have experience in planning and implementing small property renovations. I can assist in finding reliable tradespeople to quote, helping you understand hidden costs, project manage teams onsite. Be available for deliveries, keep homeowners updated and expectations clear.

Modern Kitchen



Kitchen - is this a nightmare to cook in or a pleasure? Is that Tupperware cupboard booby trapped, an avalanche of plastic? Do you really still need 15 serving dishes, 5 jugs and best china and glassware that never sees the light of day.


Treat yourself and let me organise your kitchen and use use your best china and glass now.

Wardrobes - Do you need new ones?  Maybe not! Let’s think about your clothes, shoes, boots, man-bags, hand-bags, sports bags. What percentage of them do you ACTUALLY use?  Do you even know what’s lurking at the bottom? Do you really need to keep it all?

Take a few hours working with me and you may well find you don’t need more space, you just need less items! They’ll be no judgement from me, just practical, helpful guidance.

Organized Desk


Do you have a sea of paperwork across your desk or a variety of paper mountains? Can you always find the certificates or important documents you need? Have you kept your payslips for the last 30 years?


Life could be so much simpler, if all these things are collated into one place. I can help you sort through and make a simple inventory of bank accounts, insurance policies, pensions etc, retaining and filing the documents you need. Shredding and securely disposing what’s no longer required.


Are you newly "Working From Home" - Organise your space to be able to work efficiently and effectively. By ensuring you have a clearly defined space, this will help you to "go to work" each day and know when you've finished for the day!

Business Administration - Small business do you need help producing quotes and estimates for clients, invoices, chasing payments, keeping clients updated?  Let me take care of this for you and you can concentrate on running and growing your business.




When someone passes away, not only are you coping with the loss of someone you love but there are many things which need to be done and it can be very overwhelming.


Sometimes you may have family and friends who can help but they may also be grieving or you may not want other people to know your private affairs.  Other people, are totally on their own and vulnerable, and need a trusted advisor.


I will handle your affairs professionally and compassionately.  I have experience in helping people through the process, ensuring that all relevant organisations and people are told.  Reviewing paperwork, bank accounts and digital accounts, ready to hand onto solicitors for probate.

Then providing ongoing support, sorting possessions and property.  Dealing with post, e-mails and social media accounts.  Where required, preparing homes for sale.