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Lovesey Organising is a member of The Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers https://www.apdo.co.uk/ and adhere to their Code of Ethics, which guide our professional conduct with clients, colleagues and the wider community. 

Full Public Liability & Professional Indemnity Insurance is provided to Lovesey Organising by Westminster Insurance.

Terms and Conditions

All clients are asked to read these Terms and Conditions and provide Lovesey Organising with a signed copy at the start of the first session.

Confidentiality and Privacy

Lovesey Organising provides a confidential and private service at all times, registered with the Information Commissioner's Office.  https://ico.org.uk/

Client information will not be divulged to third parties unless you request me to organise additional services.  In such situations I will ask you to sign a consent form.  Should I request the use of a testimonial, or take ‘before and after’ photographs they will only be published with your full knowledge and written consent.

Hours of work

De-cluttering can be tiring both physically and emotionally, so I tend to advise clients to pace themselves, having drinks and rest stops when they feel they need to.  When a full day is booked a 30 minute break is requested at lunchtime, however you will be charged for hours actually worked.  Equally, should the task be completed quicker than anticipated the hours charged will be for actual hours.

Limits of work

During the session I am happy to assist with cleaning the working area as part of the task.  I am also happy to move or carry items that are within my physical ability.  Where heavier items will need moving however, you will need to make alternate arrangements, i.e. a family member, a friend, neighbour or a handyman.

Family & Pets

Organising and decluttering sessions are about working with clients, and as such would recommend that children have suitable childcare arrangements in place and animals may be safely placed in separate room.

Disposal of items

Following a decluttering session there are likely to be a number of bags or boxes filled with items that you no longer want.  You will need to make arrangements for the disposal of these items, for example to the refuse centre, to a charity shop, or to some other form of recycling organisation.  I am happy to advise you on organisations who may be able to help you achieve this.


During the process of decluttering decisions about whether you keep or dispose of an item will always remain your decision.  Lovesey Organising cannot accept responsibility for the outcome of these decisions, however I will help and support you to make a decision that you feel is right for you.  Whilst working with you and your possessions great care will be taken when handling goods, however accidents and breakages can happen. In such circumstances Lovesey Organising will not be liable for damages and losses, which should be covered by your own household insurance.  Lovesey Organising is however covered by Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance.


It is accepted that cancellation is sometimes unavoidable, if Lovesey Organising has to cancel, I will give as much notice as is possible.  If a client has to cancel there will be no charge if advised 48 hours in advance, for short notice cancellation there will be a minimum £50 cancellation fee up to the full value of the scheduled work dependent on notice of cancellation.  Should the cancellation relate to exposure to COVID-19 cancellation fees are waived.

Payment terms

  • Payment is requested on presentation of the invoice, preferably following the session or within 7 days of the invoice date. Payments can be made either by cash, or BACs transfer.

  • Travel over 10 miles is charged at a rate of 45 pence per mile.

  • Any additional expenses e.g. sourcing items, will be agreed by both parties prior to any further work being conducted.


Carol Lovesey
Lovesey Organising