When I asked for help from Carol I was in a real pickle at home ..... I had, like a lot of people these days, developed something of an online shopping habit. This had happened over a period of time and as a result, nearly every room in my house had ‘stuff’ in it.  


I had also recently lost my mum.  I was, to be frank, overwhelmed and didn’t know how to start to tackle the problem.

I hadn’t met Carol before but she instantly put me at ease and together we developed a plan to tidy up and declutter.  Carol also gave me names of professionals who would be able to help me with my shopping habit.


Carol is a joy to work with and has a rare gift of being able to encourage and support, as well as the practical aspects of organisation.  

Ms. C, Hampshire - March 2021

Living Room
Smart Senior Man

Mr. W, Emsworth - June 2020


In the aftermath of my sister's death during the Covid 19 crisis, I contacted Carol. I was grieving and in deep shock. Carol was extraordinarily compassionate and understanding. She understood how difficult I was finding everything and she knew I was completely overwhelmed.


Carol kindly took control of everything for me.  She helped get my sister's papers in order, she took care of my sister's belongings and helped me get the flat ready for sale. Carol recommended solicitors and estate agents and dealt with them for me. Carol even shopped for me.


When I had to go back north, Carol took over responsibility for my sister's flat and she helped with home improvements and liaised with the lawyers on my behalf in order to get me ready for probate.


I found Carol's service to be very sympathetic at a very difficult time in my life. She did everything I asked of her and much more besides. She treated all our conversations and business in absolute confidence. I simply cannot recommend her highly enough to anybody who might be struggling after a bereavement, is overwhelmed at a difficult time in their lives or simply needs an overdue declutter.

Living Room
Mature Woman

Mrs. B, Havant - March 2020


Much loved, extensive family home (6 bedrooms) for nearly 30 years.  My client separated from her partner a number of years ago and looking to down-size to a smaller property. 


Working together, we accomplished a substantial clear out, including under stairs cupboard, hallway, dining room and large spare bedroom.  Leaving these rooms with defined uses, clear for prospective buyers to view.


Working with Carol, meant I had the motivation and focus to make a major dent in clearing out, ready to show prospective buyers around and my ultimate goal of downsizing. 


Thank you so much, I feel so much lighter today without the responsibility for all that stuff.

Living Room

Ms. A, Portsmouth - January 2020


For this client, sadly both dearly loved parents had passed away within 18 months of one another.  As an only child, the client faced many decisions including what to do with their parents’ belongings and a family home.

As we got into the rhythm of decision making, we progressed from short 2 hour sessions through to longer 4 to 6 hour sessions.


Carol is an excellent ally in what can be a difficult and emotionally draining process of clearing a home after a bereavement. 

She introduces a helpful framework and a very welcome level of drive to getting the job done.  Having said that, she is sensitive to feelings and is happy to allow time for reminiscing as needed.


In addition, she has a wide range of contacts to help to move on those items that are too precious to give away.


I could not have achieved a portion of what I have without her support and I would thoroughly recommend her services to anyone facing a large organising and clearing project.

Living Room

Mr. & Mrs. B, Kent - September 2015


Following on from a house move at the ages of 81 and 71 respectively, rather than downsizing, this couple actually moved to a slightly larger property which was a lot more practical for their needs and creative careers. 


When I arrived, the couple were amidst a sea of boxes holding all their treasured possessions.  I discussed with them what un-packing needed to be prioritised for the next two days and how they wanted the various rooms set out.


We were very pleased when Carol arrived as we were very overwhelmed by the task before us.  Carol worked quickly and efficiently, checking regularly to ensure our possessions were going where we wanted.  Most importantly, she made sure our bedroom was all ready for us on the first night, we couldn’t have done it without her.


Subsequent to the house move, we had Carol come back again a few months later to re-organise outside, two sheds and a garage!

Living Room

Mrs. L, Cheshunt - February 2013


Whilst going through a bereavement of her husband, this client, aged 79 had to contend with downsizing from a large 3-bedroom bungalow, to a 2-bedroom retirement flat.  She faced the emotive task of what to take and treasure and what to let go.  Over a number of weeks, I worked with this lady, in short sessions, 2 to 3 hours, to sort through the couple’s possessions and make decisions.  Then on moving day I assisted with unpacking.

An additional big task, was to sort through many, many years of paperwork, securely disposing of what was no longer relevant and then setting up a simple, clear filing system.  Making it simple for the family to provide all information to the solicitors ready for probate.



This was an extremely difficult time for me and Carol treated me with kindness and empathy, helping me to decide what to let go of (giving away or selling) and what to take to my new home and enjoy. 


On moving day Carol helped out no end, settling into my new flat.  Since moving I’ve made so many new friends and have a whole new lease of life.