• Carol Lovesey

Well being whilst working from home

Interesting article from BBC today around working from home and the effect on mental well being. Environmental psychologist Dr Eleanor Ratcliffe, from Surrey University says: "The problem with clutter is over-stimulation." Normal levels of cortisol with occasional spikes are perfectly healthy, but chronically high levels of cortisol are associated with anxiety, depression, headaches and sleep disruption. "You need to think about your need state", Dr Ratcliffe says. While a certain amount of clutter in a relaxing home, may not be a problem, if it's now a workplace, "you're in a different need state, you need to cut down on distraction". So have a proper clear out, get organised, and get some proper storage if you can. As a professional declutterer and organiser, I can help you sort your work space either virtually or in-person. Please call to find out more. Carol 07794 005363 #decluttering #apdo #organising #virtual #wellbeing

Coronavirus: How to be happier while working from home

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