Free 30 Minute Consultation

We start with a free 30 minute consultation, either in person, by telephone or Zoom call.  During the consultation, I will explain more about my services and how I can help.  We will discuss your requirements and what you want to achieve.  We will then decide together on a plan to move forward and book our first session(s) together.

Consultation visits are charged at £45 per hour

Initial 2 Hour Consultation


Since decluttering and organising may be quite a difficult/emotional experience for a client, I typically recommend that we start with a shorter, 2 hour session.  As we declutter and organise together, we will then have a clearer picture of how much time the full project might take and can plan accordingly.  Each and every person is different, how long a project will taken often depends on how good you are at decision making, however it takes,  will be there to support and guide you.

Cost - £90

Half-Day Session (3.5 Hours)


This is where we begin your de-cluttering and/or organising project together. We will have discussed your needs in depth through your free consultation and decided together that a session or a number of sessions are the right way forward for you.  As we de-clutter and organise I will also work with you on how you can maintain clutter free and organised living after the project has been completed.  This shorter session length, may also suit some clients that have longer term projects where they would benefit from regular, weekly or fortnightly sessions.  This is particularly beneficial when clutter and disorganisation has built up over a long period of time, is affecting the quality of the living space and has become overwhelming.  In situations like this, regular support is helpful as it encourages a momentum in the project and allows time to build new habits into the way you live.

Cost – £145


Full Day Session (7 Hours)


This is most likely to be used for major project, such as a house move or downsizing where a lot of work needs to be done in one go. 

Cost - £275

Other costs to consider

  • Skip hire – if your project requires this you will need to co-ordinate the delivery of the skip and payment to the provider in time for the project to start.

  • Bespoke storage solutions – if your budget allows I can recommend trades-people to build bespoke furniture for you specific to your requirements. Payment will be made by you direct to the trades-person.

  • Mileage – I don’t charge for mileage within a 10 mile radius of PO10.  Any additional mileage will be charged at .45p per mile.