Virtual Declutter & Organise


Try my new virtual package, designed to fit in with busy lives and hectic households. 


What will happen?


An initial free 15 minute Zoom chat to find out about you, what your aim is and how I can help.

Session 1 - 45 Minutes - Zoom Video Call

Walk me through the area you'd like to address, talk about why the clutter has begun to build, the challenges you face and what may prevent you achieving a clear space.

Finish the call by deciding which small area to tackle before the next call.

Session 2 - 45 Minutes - Zoom Video Call

Show me what you've completed since the last call, review what went well and what you found difficult.  Discuss why that might be and how to change/modify to succeed next time.  Finish the call by deciding next area to declutter and organise.

Session 3 - 30 Minutes - Zoom Video Call

Review what has been achieved; Have you been able to declutter and organise some areas of your home?  Do you feel better equipped to continue the process?  What are your longer term goals?

Package Cost - £65

N.B. All Zoom calls will be password protected.  Calls can be arranged for weekdays, evenings and weekends.  Once booked in calls can be moved with up to 24 hours noticed.  Short notice cancellations will forfeit the session.